Tristan Limpo Photography: Blog en-us Tristan Limpo (Tristan Limpo Photography) Thu, 31 Aug 2017 00:06:00 GMT Thu, 31 Aug 2017 00:06:00 GMT Tristan Limpo Photography: Blog 99 120 Totality: The Oregon Eclipse Festival Tristan Limpo Photography  global eclipse festival 2017 -9925Tristan Limpo Photography global eclipse festival 2017 -9925The sun reacquires dominance of the sky in a magnificent diamond ring of fire. Just seconds after the magical moments of totality in the 2017 full solar eclipse in Oregon.

Moments after totality in the 2017 full solar eclipse...  The solar energy re-achieves its dominance of the sky as the moon continues its arc of the sky, and the joining of masculine and feminine energies shift out of total alignment.  The mystical and magical moments of totality fade, leaving us grasping for words to encompass our emotion.  Goosebumps prickle my arms, not from the cold, although the temperature has dropped 20 degrees in moments, but from the profound, the divine and the magical.  The crowds are curiously subdued, many wiping tears from their faces or hugging friends and strangers.  All the effort time and money to be here has been proven worth it... many times over.  

Tristan Limpo Photography  global eclipse festival 2017 -9915Totality. Oregon Eclipse 2017Totality is reached in the 2017 solar eclipse in Oregon. The magical Corona spreads out it's tongues of fire around the moon.

The global eclipse gathering at Big Summit Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest was more than a festival of music and art, more than a bunch of people gathering to watch the skies go dark; it was a meeting of minds, a coming together of 30,000 like minded individuals, a sharing of energy and positivity unlike any I have ever experienced.  I met incredible people from all over the world.  Wandering through a veritable maze of artwork, sculptures, workshops and happenings I found myself rubbing shoulder with artists, innovators, designers, performers and elders from all over the world.  The openness and welcoming energy that flowed throughout the festival was something to experience.  The conversations were open and varied... and yes the music was mind-bendingly good!


Click any photo is this post to visit the gallery of my eclipse festival photographs.  There will only be a few roughly edited photos at first, but more will follow when I get back to my main computer.

Tristan Limpo Photography  global eclipse festival 2017 -9544Artists in the Earth DomeLive painting and artwork in the Earth Dome at Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Photographs from the festival are a mix of documentary and experiential.  I did not strive for perfect focus or compositions, instead trying to recreate the experience of the festival.  I used many long exposures at night, mostly hand held, to create the saturation, blur, and the atmosphere of the festival.  Other photographers were there getting the perfect documentary photos, so I focused on the feeling and emotion.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you were there too, then I hope they will keep your memories fresh!


Tristan Limpo Photography  global eclipse festival 2017 -9653Sky stage reflecting in the pond under a starlit night.Dust and light combine to create a magical environment to dance.

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Guess what? I have a blog! I don't blame you for not knowing about it...  I almost forgot about it too.  (Either that or I hid from my computer.)  Don't worry, the hiding stops now!  The blog will blog on!  With, like, real content and stuff.

The upcoming post list contains many "new" photos (unpublished from the last 3 years), as well as truly new photos- like shots of the recent full solar eclipse in Oregon.  I also have plans to do some traveling in Nepal and Southeast Asia in the near future... and the photos will flow!  

Stay tuned my long suffering friends; and please subscribe to my RSS feed if you are just joining me!

Cheers Mates!


Tristan Limpo Photography  global eclipse festival 2017 -9419Tristan Limpo Photography global eclipse festival 2017 -9419Hey! I captured Howl's Moving castle! Now I should cover some ground.

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March Against Monsanto 2013 Bellingham March Against Monsanto 2013 Bellingham  Tristan Limpo Photography_8March Against Monsanto 2013 Bellingham Tristan Limpo Photography_8

Despite all the distractions of Ski to Sea, Bellingham does it's part in the global March Against Monsanto. See, even people into politics think Monsanto sucks! Apparently this gentleman didn't get the memo about the march... but that didn't stop him from joining us!

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